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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Forgot to add: when I visited Castlegate today, I so wished I'd had a camera on me to snap the moment. All of you in one room out of breath doubled over your resus Annie's; I would've added it to the blog and titled it "Work"!


Dawn said...

What's a resus Annie? Sounds painful!!!!

Annie said...

Hi Katie

Yeah i bet we looked really amusing- all hunched over and puffing into dolls.... say no more...

and no i am not resus Annie...

looking forward to seeing you
love Annie

Anonymous said...

Really glad to hear you had a good week away - please let us know if we can help at all especially when Giles goes back to work (we are only just over the road!) Hopefully get to speak to you soon.

Love Julia, Steve, Clare and Chris

Nicole said...

Dear Katie and Giles, I've come back from my holiday with my youngest son Timo and I was very happy to read all your positive things. I really feel that you all live so very intensly and that you all appreciate every day - which is I'm sure what life is about. Colette, Ursulas Godchild, has decided to write her Dr.Work about a research program for Colitis Ulcerosa - having two brothers suffering from it it makes sense. So every illness gets people to think, to communicate, to listen and it has a lot of good that comes of it, as well as the worry and the sadness. You could plan a trip to Switzerland sometime. Would love to meet you and to see Giles again. Lots of love from pretty cold Switzerland! Nicole

louise and david said...

Hello hope you are having a good half term holiday, Ursula said you may pop down to Kent which would be great. We might see you ! xx
Louise and all.

Sharon said...

Hi Katie
AS I haven't seen you for a while ,I thought I would write a comment.Your time away at centre parks sounds great! I'm sure times away like this help you to be more postive about what's happening in your life, hard as it may be at times.I like your photos, and the coat!!! You will miss Giles when he goes back to work, but hopefully it will help give you some sort of normality again.
We are all well.Had a nice half term -can't believe the snow!
Hopefully will see you soon.
Love Sharon