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Sunday, 2 November 2008

Our fun packed half-term included a trip to the White Cliffs and Dover Castle, swimming at our new health club, snow, a trip to London (Sophie wanted to see the “Queen’s house”, Sam wanted a go on the underground, overground, riverboat & taxi), plus a Halloween party at Rosie, Mick, Leanna & Mia’s. Sophie was so desperate to do the annual sweetie hunt in the garden she came along although feeling really rotten. (She had thrown up at least 3 times the night before and still feels sick today!) But that’s children for you – they manage to feel better for the things they really want to do. The same is true for anyone. That’s why being positive in life is so beneficial: it plays a big part in improving your physical well being.
I don’t think it’s possible to be positive all the time – its human nature to have negative feelings too. Sometimes I struggle to move on from the past and to not think about the future when there are constant reminders. However, I am now more skilled at recognising the unhelpful feelings, not just in me but in other people too. The one thing no-one can promise me is whether I’ll see my children grow up but this is something I have no control over so there’s no point dwelling on it: I’d be wasting energy and happiness - when it may not even be the reality.
Any trauma starts off an emotional rollercoaster but it can also lead to a great sense of achievement – because as I progress along my learning journey, my life is made more significant. A greater sense of happiness, fulfilment and love beats any medical treatment!


Anonymous said...

So glad to see all your fab photos- what fun you have all had -just as well its back to school so you can recover from the last hectic few weeks!
We will be thinking of you all tomorrow when Giles returns to work and Sophie and Sam back to school.

Katie you are a real inspiration to us all with your amazing attitude
with love from us all Clare and Co xx

Annie said...

Hi Katie

Hope your first day with Giles back at work is full of lovely moments you can cherish as special just for you.

love Annie x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

You were in our thoughts as Giles returned to work yesterday and Sophie & Sam were back to school after an exciting break.

To re-iterate Clare's comment - your positive attitude is truly inspiring!

love Lisa, Mark & NatalieX

Rebecca said...

Hi Katie - glad to hear that everything is going well and that Giles' first day back at work wasn't too bad! I can imagine him being pleased with those fireworks especially if they are that big! Pleased to hear you also had a fun, if somewhat packed, half term.
Will call you soon + nice to see our photo up!
Take care, Lots of love, Rebecca xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Katie, Giles and kids,

you had such a busy half-term and still manage to write amazing words - the stuff of true inspiration!
What is about boys and fireworks...?!
Lots of love

Nicky, Max and Aurelia xxx