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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

As Giles examines his new toys (- fireworks for this Saturday) I am pleased to inform you that he seems happy enough back at work. I'm fine too. Did my first aerobics exercise class in over 6 years yesterday and have another one planned for tomorrow. On Thursday I'm looking forward to getting my aromatherapy massage at the Isabel Hospice Day Centre - one of the perks of having my diagnosis!
.........I'm being distracted by Giles - amongst his collection he has drawn my attention to a single firework measuring 1ftx1.5ft, loaded with 12kg of gunpowder!............

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Levi said...

that sound much more like a rocket to me, the type you can tie things too in order to launch them in to the sky, then wonder where they'll land.. Can he take a picture of it? :)