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Monday, 15 February 2010

I was supposed to take it easy today and stayed in my hospital bed until 3pm. However my sister and I managed to write down quite a few pages of songs for the party with the help of Heart FM, who were playing some good ones! I've also mostly done Sam's portrait, but I need to get cracking on Evie's so will probably post Sam's when Giles can get around to scanning it!
I felt very drowsy while Paul massaged me for my lymphodema. I'm also running a temperature and am back on antibiotics for my urinary tract infection.
We managed to get to the Galleria to see the Princess and the Frog for 4pm. Evie was fantastic sitting through the whole film, adding a little loud talking and eating much food! Sophie and Sam had seen the show while in Disney World so it meant a lot to them. We dragged my parents, my sister and my brother's family there too. I have to say I didn't feel that great. The wheelchair was too upright and we used my banana board (usually used to transfer me from one seat to another) as a head rest - which wasn't very comfortable. It would have been nice to be reclined a little with proper head support.
I've been asleep from 7 till 9 when Jacky the twighlight nurse arrived. So no outing planned for tomorrow - just pancakes with Cassie and her children.


Dawn (Oz) said...

Katie, your energy continues to amaze me. Glad you're enjoying life and your time with your children. But take care of yourself too. Lots of love, Dawn

emma said...

Hi Katie,
We met briefly on sunday at adventure castle,it was a pleasure to meet you and talk to you and giles you looked fantastic i cant believe how tired you were feeling you hide it well,the princess an the frog was very good wasn't it i saw it with my girls on sat and i was surprised how my 3year old katie sat still although i think the huge box of popcorn helped,take care of yourself,look forward to sam's portrait.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful party for Sam! He looked so pleased with himself! You are making wonderful happen Katie and surrounding your family and everyone with your love and support. Maybe give into the tiredness for 24 hours and let the antibiotics deal with the infection. Focus one one thing you really want to do - you can think of yourself for a short time not just everyone else. We're all thinking about you all the time as you know. Love Pam and Gary

Robert said...

I just wanted you to know that seeing you and being with you at Sam's party especially after I saw the pain and distress you were in just 2 weeks ago is a massive personal achievement for you indicative of your courage. Seeing you yesterday, watching over us at the back of the cinema for Evie's first film despite your fatigue and discomfort was another achievement. These occassions and time we have together now are special and will always be remembered. Keep going...

ps I hope the timing of your last blog wasn't because it took Mum an age to pack up Evie's push chair!

Nicola Keeling said...

Hi Katie,
Glad you got to see Princess and the Frog.. we were at the Galleria earlier watching Alvin and The Chipmunks The Squeakual.. Oh dear!!! Sorry to hear you were uncomfortable - you are such a trooper... Saw Laura Jacezwich (now Layton) today who said she writes often to you .. We are all thinking of you. Keep strong and I look forward to seeing Sam's portrait!!! Love Nicola And John xxx

Laura Layton said...

Dear Katie,
I am so glad the cinema managed to accomodate you even if it wasnt a 5star comfort zone, you are truly making your kids some fantastic memories, I wish I was able to make cakes as good as your Sams, and find the energy to do as much as you have done so far with as much love as you give off too, you are an inspiration to me and I wish, hope and pray for many more fantastic times with your family, I agree with Pam and Gary, you need to rest and let the antibiotics work even if just for a day, I look forward to reading your next blog, Much love to you xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie,

you made it to Sam's party.....and more! Your list of milestones grows and grows, and you continue to inspire me. I hope you have a super half-term with your beautiful children, but equally you get some time to catch your breathe for the next round of Katie achievements.
Take care of yourself,
lots of love,
Nicky Max and Aurelia xxx

Laura Layton said...

What a Fantastic Sketch ! Wow you are multi talented !!!!

Laura Layton said...
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