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Thursday, 4 February 2010

No poo today - hurray! I seem to have a bit more energy too - apart from this morning after taking the methadone and struggling to open my eyes for 2 hours! Have had more visitors - Amanda and her bumps - looking very well and then my wonderful friend Becky with Amelia who is a good friend for Evie - although they haven't got the hang of sharing yet. One of Evie's words - "MINE" featuring a lot in conversation! Tom, Jane and my Dad have all been around. Mum has had a deserved and needed day off! Have had a wonderful treat from Karen & Bronagh (my closest friends from pharmacy college) who have compiled a booklet of photos of us from university days. I've lost count of the amount of times I've looked through it! I'm also still trying to get through Kim's questions about me - a bit like writing an autobiography for my children. I'm so busy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,
Sounds like you are being kept very busy, old photos are fab although the hairstyles are sometimes questionable!
Good luck with answering all the questions, I'm sure a small amount of artistic license is allowed.
I hope your pads are doing the trick, bowels are tricky things, either everything is running out or nothing is and your popping laxatives. Rarely a happy medium but I hope you find it!!

Love as always, Sweet dreams

Sally, Pete & Emma xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

How fantastic to read that you have had a peaceful day with no complications to hear of, long may this continue for you x
wishing you a day of joy and peace
you are a courageous and inspirational woman
much love to you

Anonymous said...

I Love the photos of the show - we have been laughing so much here - what a totally fantastic idea.
Kim xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie,
It is wonderful to hear that you've had a great day and as a mum its always nice to see your children playing even if it is a learning curve when it comes to sharing. Also great news about your electric scooter from your friends from Brighton, bet you'll be out as soon as you can.
Hope you have a comfortable and peaceful day. My son is coming home from being away with the school for a week, so I'm so excited to see him, its been really strange without him around.
Take care
Love terri xxx

Christel Ainge said...

Dear Katie,
I'm so pleased to hear the the last couple of days have been much more enjoyable for you. It's great that you keep busy with friends and so on. Let me know if you run out of things to do: I've got a pile of homework sheets to mark and I'm sure you could sort this out for me! In fact,you're so good at managing all the new difficulties thrown at you that I might come and see you again to get your advice!
I hope you have another good day today and a good weekend with your lovely family,
lots of love

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie

Caught up on your blog today after two days away and am thrilled that things have taken a such a positive turn! Sounds as if you are having a very sociable time and the scooter arrival will be fantastic. If Evie thinks her tummy button is something else - what does that say about the men in your house??!!

Hope it all continues to be more manageable and you can get out to enjoy some sunshine.

Thinking of you

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie
Glad things are looking up. Keep busy with the children, I'm sure it's the best medicine anyone could give you.
love Catherine Wakelin (Grainger)

Karen said...

Yeah, there's some classic photos there. Good times.

annie said...

Katie, you and Giles and the children are very special and glad you are feeling bit better.
annie x x x

Anonymous said...

hi Katie
I havent looked at your blog for a few days and so please to hear (apart from the poooooo!) that you have had relatively good days and enjoyed time with the children. Good luck with you scooter - hope to see you out on it soon............ my best friend has just been diagnosed with Leukemia and has been rushed into UCH London for immediate chemo treatment - she is 46. Like you she is very positive and upbeat so hope to keep smiling too. Take care Katie - i do so admire your courage and spirit - you are truly an inspiration to all of us - Much love Lynne Cavanagh xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

I'm Jane the Pain's housemate - Jane told me about your blog and I've been reading it for the last few weeks. I just wanted to say that you're amazing and I can totally see the family resemblance to Jane in how cheerful and upbeat you sound! I hope to read more good news in your blog about you being able to see friends and enjoy yourself. Also Jane has a habit of making people poo so don't let her too near you!!

Rach xxx

vikki said...

Hi Katie

Great to see you in the playground today. Was made aware of your blog by one of the mums at school a few days ago. I must say I think you're honest, courageous and have kept a wonderful sense of humour which is both humbling and inspiring.
By the way, at the end of Gracie's party my younger brother was asking me who the attractive woman with long blonde hair was - any ideas?

Much love