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Sunday, 21 March 2010

The sun shone again for our walk for Katie. Thanks to Fran and Tina for organising a great day with 37 balloons - one for each year of Katie's life, and a 5 mile walk through beautiful country side. I reckon between 100 and 150 people attended. I know we raised over £400 pounds for The Willow Foundation and even more for The Isabel Hospice.
Katie would have been so impressed that Sophie and Sam managed the whole walk too. I was expecting complaints of tired legs half way round but there was none of it. They even ran part of the last half mile! Also thanks to the Creche team for looking after some of the youngest children, Evie included, so we could enjoy the walk without pushing buggies. It was a great day and one that I would like to repeat in the future.

PS I am talking to Marie Claire magazine on Tuesday as there was not enough time last Friday.


Christel Ainge said...

Am so pleased the sun shone for you all. Count me in next time you or Hanbury organise another walk. An article in Marie-Claire is going to reach so many people: that's so so positive.
Thinking of everybody in Katie's family,
You all take care,

Anonymous said...

Hi Giles,

So pleased the day went well and you managed to raise money for Katie's charities - she would be so thrilled! Sorry we couldn't make it due to our belated Mothers Day celebration.

Marie Claire feature sounds fab - a glamorous glossy for a glamorous girl!

best wishes

Anonymous said...

Well done to all who took part, the sun shone as brightly as Katie (obviously with her organising skills, I'm sure she had something to do with it). It was a tremensous success and I agree, something that should definitely be repeated next year. I can see Giles, Katie's inspiration and strength flows through all your family, well done.

with hugs to you all

Sharon (Hanbury) x

Melissa said...

Thought of you today as the sun shone.

Glad the day went well.


Marianne said...

Hi Giles

The day sounds wonderful. I'm so sorry we couldn't join you, but it's lovely to see the photo with all the balloons. I managed a run this evening as part of my Race for Life training instead, though. I bet Katie would not be able to believe that I am learning to run!!

Well done Sophie and Sam for completing the walk and for running as well! I hope Evie enjoyed the lovely weather as well from the comfort of her buggy.

Marianne xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Giles, Sorry we couldn't attend yesterday's walk - I've been in hospital and so had to take it easy over the weekend. We look forward to being able to attend the next one and are so proud of the achievement by everyone yesterday and not surprised that, yet again, the sun shone for Katie! Keep us posted re the Marie Claire article. Love Amanda xxx

Sam said...

Dear Giles,

You are so right, Sophie and Sam did really well and Katie would have been so proud. However, I woke up this morning wondering why I was aching all over and then remembered how I had carried William a good mile! We had a lovely time though and he is also proud of his achievement.

It was great to meet Tina, Katie's fitness instructor, as she used to talk with such enthusiasm about her friends at Hanbury and the way they inspired her to run the route that we walked.

I will look forward to walking the route again in the future.

Love Sam xx

Nicola Mc said...

I'm sorry I didn't know about Sundays walk for Katie, what a lovely idea and what a lovely day for it.
When you arrange another count me in.
Take care
Nicola Mc

Anonymous said...

Well done all of you especially Sophie and Sam - very impressed that you managed a sprint finish - will look out for the pink balloons! Lots of love to you all Pam and Gary

Anonymous said...


it was a pleasure to help organise the walk yesterday and ensure that an idea originally thought of by Katie was followed through and proved to be a big success.

Katie was with us all and even organised the weather.

I am sure that we will be doing lots more in the future to remember Katie and support the causes close to her.

Well done to Sophie & Sam too.

Fran xxx

annie said...

Thanks for the lovely walk for Katie- the sun was out, fluffy clouds in a pure blue sky, sheep grazing, colourful trees waving in the breeze, rolling fields of green, ruined witch church (!)...
close to nature, close to Katie.

Glad Sophie got her biscuits!
love annie x

Anonymous said...

Hi Giles

We are so glad the sun shone for you all - well done to Sam and Sophie for walking so far,

Sorry we couldn't join you - hopefully we will manage the next one.

The Marie Claire feature sounds great- Katie would definitely approve of your decision.

Thinking of you all so much

With love from us all

Clare Ian and family xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Yes Marie Claire article sounds great, reaching lots of people to raise the awareness and to help others.....thinking of you all as always Beth x